August 21, 2006 Storm Statistics

Readings From Weather

Storm Total: Trace
Peak Wind Gust: NW 33mph at 6:02pm
Total Lightning: 126,828

Even though this storm only gave us a trace amount of rain (less than 0.01in.) in Apache Junction, Mesa and other parts of the valley encountered very heavy rainfall and damage, caused by this storm.

Here are some of the storm reports from the Storm Prediction Center (SPC). In Mesa, between University and Brown, winds were estimated at 60 to 70mph. As a result, numerous power poles were downed on University between Ellsworth and 80th Street (East of Sossoman Rd.). More power poles were blown down in Glendale on 51st St. between Orangewood Ave. and Glendale Ave. At Elliot and Ellsworth, in Mesa, street signs were blown down.

In Gilbert, near Elliott and Val Vista, Ken reported a storm total of 0.07in. At Power and McKellips in Mesa, 1.31in. of rain was reported. Thank you for your rain reports! The above rain totals were reported to us by private individuals. The accuracy of these reports is unknown.

This particular storm moved into the Mesa area around 5:00pm from the North, then by 6pm it was beginning to affect the North and West portions of Apache Junction. At 6:17pm, the storm began to develop/intensify over the entire city of Apache Junction, however, the development Eastward ended just to the West of the Gold Canyon area, which is why we only received a trace amount of rain. From 6:17pm on the storm moved to the Southwest until it was no longer a threat to the valley. You can watch all the events listed above by clicking on the radar loop below.

Storm Pictures Taken on August 21, 2006: (Click Pictures To Enlarge)

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Radar Loop From 5:00pm to 8:00pm