December 25-26, 2008 Storm Statistics

Readings From Weather

First Measurable Rain Time: December 25, 2008 at 1:30am
Last Measurable Rain Time: December 26, 2008 at 5:30am
Storm Total: 0.54in. (Trace amount of snowfall)
Max Rain Rate: 1.21in/hr @ 1:37am on December 26th
Peak Wind Gust: S @ 28mph @ 2:04am on December 26th

Two separate weather systems moved into the area from December 25th through the 26th, resulting in 0.54in. of rainfall and a trace amount of snowfall at our locations. The water vapor loop to the left (from December 23rd at 5pm to December 27th at 5am; in twelve hour intervals) shows the two storm systems moving into/through the region. Note: We have marked the two separate storm systems with respective numbers to easily show where they were at the time of each image. The first can be seen out in the Pacific, dropping down the west coast of the United States and then moving through the state on Christmas Day. The second storm system can be seen digging down out of the Gulf of Alaska and through the Northwest US, before dropping into Arizona during the late night hours on December 25th and then moving out of the state during the overnight hours on December 26th. The second storm system brought the area heavy rainfall in the morning on December 26th, which was associated with a frontal passage. An additional piece of energy, rounding the bottom of the deep/cold trough, moved through the state in the afternoon/evening on December 26th, resulting in a trace amount of snowfall at our location.

Light rainfall began at our location, around 1:30am, with light rainfall lasting throughout Christmas Day, resulting in a daily rain total of 0.21in.. The peak rain rate on Christmas Day was 0.30in./hr., which occurred at 2:55pm. Heavier rainfall moved in with the second system and associated front on December 27th, with rainfall beginning around 12:45am and ending by 5:30am. During this second storm, the peak rain rate was 1.21in./hr., which occurred at 1:37am. The total rainfall with this portion of the storm was 0.33in., which brought the overall storm total to 0.54in..

The second system brought rather cold air into the region, on Friday, December 27th. This cold air, coupled with a disturbance rounding the bottom of the trough of low pressure, resulted in a trace amount of snowfall being recorded at our location. The photo to the right/below shows this snowfall, which occurred around 7:15pm on December 27th. To read more about this event and to view more photos, click HERE.

Below are rain totals reported to us by the public. Weather thanks you for your reports! (Reports are ordered from newest to oldest. Times are in EST.)

Location: E. end of Silly Mtn
Report Time: 27th of December 2008 12:33PM
Reporter: Robert
Rain Total: ~0.70in.
Comments: Rainfall from Wed. through Fri. morning

Location: Near the 1st Tee at Gold Canyon RV
Report Time: 26th of December 2008 1:07PM
Reporter: CK
Rain Total: 0.60in.

Location: Scottsdale Airport
Report Time: 25th of December 2008 1:22PM
Reporter: Bobby
Rain Total: 0.50in.
Comments: showers for a few minutes / light rain

(The above rain totals were reported to us by the public. The accuracy of these reports is unknown.)

We thank you again for your reports! If it rained at your location, let us know by using the menu toward the top of the page (Public Reports --> Rain Reports). Your report will be added to this page.

As mentioned above, this second storm system ushered in very cold air from the north. This cold air resulted in the first below freezing (32F) temperature of the season occurring during the early morning hours on December 27th, with a low temperature of 29.4F, at 6:33am. This low temperature was the lowest temperature we have recorded for the year 2008.

Overall, these two storm systems brought most of the region a decent amount of rain (higher elevation snow) and much cooler temperatures. This storm system was also the first time in 2008 that a trace amount of snowfall was recorded at our location.