June 25, 2006 Storm Statistics

Readings From Weather Bus.com:

Storm Total: Trace
Peak Wind Gust: E 38mph
Total Lightning: 23,510

The past several days have been quite active! Storms built up on June 25th along the rim and over the Superstition Mountains then worked there way into the valley. At 3:25pm power poles were reported down 15 miles Southwest of Florence and at 5:22pm a 66mph wind gust was recorded at the Scottsdale Airport.

There were a couple neat things that could be seen in these storms. One were the Mammatus clouds that could be seen across the skies in Gold Canyon. (See Picture Below) Second, looking at the radar around 5:15pm three thunderstorm outflows could be seen heading toward each other. By enlarging the radar image below these outflows can be seen in the following areas: The largest of the three can be seen moving to the west from a line north of Phoenix down to around Casa Grande, the second can be seen moving down from the north near Sun City and Buckeye, and the last weaker one can be seen moving up from the south by Gila Bend. These outflows can often produce more thunderstorms along the leading edge, and produce very gusty conditions which can reduce visibility to near zero in some location.

Storm Pictures Taken on June 25, 2006: (Click Pictures To Enlarge)

Taken on June 25, 2006 @ 6:01pm
Radar Loop From 5:16pm to 5:50pm