June 27, 2006 Storm Statistics

Readings From Weather Bus.com:

Rain Start Time: June 27, 2006 at 4:53pm
Rain End Time: June 27, 2006 at 5:30pm
Storm Total: 0.07in.
Peak Wind Gust: NE 37mph
Total Lightning: 41,865

This storm made for the fourth days in a row of seeing thunderstorm activity in the area. During this storm, unlike the previous ones, we did received measurable precipitation of 0.07in. at Weather Bus.com and Mike reported 0.10in. of rain had fallen at Kings Ranch Road, as of 5:00pm.

Along with the rain came some windy conditions, cooler temperatures and lightning. During the storms we recorded 41,865 lightning strokes with 1,653 of those being within 50 miles of our location. From when the rain began to the time it ended the temperature fell 15.9°F! You can see this drop in temperature in the data below:
 Time       Temp     DailyRain   HourRain   RainRate
4:15pm      102.3      0.00       0.00      0.000
4:30pm      100.7      0.00       0.00      0.000
4:45pm      97.5       0.00       0.00      0.000
5:00pm      86.3       0.02       0.02      0.120
5:15pm      83.6       0.04       0.04      0.090
5:30pm      82.8       0.07       0.07      0.140
5:45pm      81.6       0.07       0.07      0.000

Even though our area did receive some measurable rainfall, not many location around the valley did. As the storms moved into the valley they died out rather quickly as can be seen in the radar image below. Also, once again, you can see the outflow boundary moving out from the storm to the north and moving across the valley in a southwesterly direction. In this particular radar image in the last frame the outflow is just to the north of Buckeye.

This storm was able to bring our dew point temperature up above 55°F during the evening hours, but it was not enough to give us a 55°F daily average. We ended up with a daily dew point average of 54.8°F.

Storm Pictures Taken on June 27, 2006: (Click Pictures To Enlarge)

Radar Loop From 4:46pm to 5:20pm