August 30, 2007 Storm Statistics

Readings From Weather

First Measurable Rain Time: August 30, 2007 at 6:25pm
Last Measurable Rain Time: August 30, 2007 at 8:51pm
Storm Total: 0.27in.
Max Rain Rate: 2.42in/hr
Peak Wind Gust: E @ 40mph
Total Lightning: 25,522

This was the second of two storms to affect the area in just over 24 hours, leading to an overall two day total of 0.53in.. A high pressure system located over Northwestern Arizona allowed for a northeasterly flow over the valley, which allowed storms that formed in the higher terrain north and east of the valley to move into the lower elevations during the afternoon and evening hours.

Around 5:00pm, thunderstorms formed in northeastern Pinal county and were moving slowly toward the west. At the same time, an outflow was moving to the south from weakening thunderstorms in Northern Maricopa county. Around 6:15pm, the thunderstorms made there way into and through the Gold Canyon and Apache Junction areas. Also, the outflow, as mentioned earlier, was moving through the area at the same time the thunderstorms were, which caused a slight strengthening of the thunderstorms, especially in the Apache Junction area around 6:40pm.

The first 0.01in. of rainfall at our location was recorded at 6:23pm, with heavy to moderate rain lasting through 6:45pm. Very light on and off rain showers continued in the area until around 8:51pm, when the last 0.01in. of rain was recorded, bring the storm total to 0.27in..The peak rain rate during this storm was 2.42in/hr at 6:31pm. Strong winds also accompanied the rainfall, with a peak wind gust from the E at 40mph, recorded at 6:25pm.

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Storm Pictures Taken on August 30, 2007: (Click Pictures To Enlarge)

August 30, Radar Loop From 5:11pm to 5:41pm
August 30, Radar Loop From 6:07pm to 6:36pm