August 3-4, 2006 Storm Statistics

Readings From Weather

Rain Start Time: August 3, 2006 at 11:40pm
Rain End Time: August 4, 2006 at 1:10am
Storm Total: 0.12in.

This was another storm that moved into the area during the late night/early morning hours. The rain started around 11:40pm, and the last measurable rainfall was recorded at 1:10am, with a storm total of 0.12in. This brings our locations monsoon season total to 2.19in, which makes our yearly total 4.89in. This early morning storm also made for a very pleasant morning on August 4th, with a low temperature of 72.8°F.

In Gold Canyon, Al reported a storm total of 0.21in. and Gerry reported 0.16in. of rain occurring between midnight and 1:00am. Thank you for your rain reports! The above rain totals were reported to us by private individuals. The accuracy of these reports is unknown.

We put this storm in the minor category due to rain totals, wind speed and other weather reports. This is the 12th storm to affect the area since the beginning of the monsoon season, with 6 being minor, 4 moderate, 1 significant and 1 severe.