January 5-6, 2007 Storm Statistics

Readings From Weather Bus.com:

Rain Start Time: January 5, 2007 at 8:45am
Rain End Time: January 6, 2007 at 6:00am
Storm Total: 0.13in.
Max Rain Rate: 0.46in/hr

This was the first storm of the year to affect the area, leaving us with a storm total and a yearly total of 0.13in..

This storm brought our location four different short bursts of rainfall. The first wave of light to moderate showers began around 8:45am on January 5th and was over by 9:15am. During this period we received 0.03in. of rainfall. The second, quite small area of showers moved into the area around 1:15pm, bringing us an additional 0.01in. of rain. The heaviest area of showers developed/moved through the area between 6:45pm and 8:30pm, when light to moderate rainfall was recorded, leaving us with a total for this period of time of 0.08in.. This is also the round that set this storms high rain rate of 0.46in./hr. at 8:05pm.. The last and final area of very light showers moved through during the early morning hours on January 6th giving us a rain total of 0.01in., which made the overall storm total 0.13in..

If it rained at your location, let us know by clicking on the link at the top of the page titled "Rainfall Report Form". You report will be added to this page.

Below are two visible satellite images showing the snowfall left behind from this storm system. The first satellite image was taken on January 4th at 10:00am and the second satellite image was taken on January 6th at 10:00am. Comparing these two images, you can see the snow coverage after this storm passed in Northern Arizona. (Note: Most of the white you see in Northern Arizona is snow on the ground. The white color in southern New Mexico is cloud cover.)


Wind was one of the main factors with this storm system, especially in western Arizona along the Colorado River. The peak wind gust at our location was from the North at 20mph. Below is a list of highest sustained wind speeds and highest wind gusts for select locations in Arizona and California, compiled by the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Phoenix.
                 HIGHEST               HIGHEST
                WIND SPEED              GUST
  SQUAW LAKE     32 MPH     2010 PST   51 MPH    0210 PST /SAT/
  LOST HORSE     26 MPH     2200 PST   48 MPH    1200 PST
  BLYTHE         33 MPH     1850 PST   46 MPH    1420 PST
  IMPERIAL       32 MPH     1230 PST   44 MPH    1310 PST
  CAHUILLA       25 MPH     1415 PST   43 MPH    1515 PST
  RICE VALLEY    29 MPH     1350 PST   41 MPH    2250 PST
  BUTTERCUP      22 MPH     0415 PST   39 MPH    0415 PST
  YUMA           31 MPH     2350 MST   37 MPH    2350 MST

The first radar image below shows the first round of light rain showers moving through the area. The second radar image shows the light to moderate rain showers that moved through and developed around 8:00pm. As can be seen by these two radar images, the rainfall with this storm system mainly effected the east valley.

Storm Pictures Taken on January 5-6, 2007: (Click Pictures To Enlarge)

Radar Loop From 7:49am to 8:24am
Radar Loop From 7:46pm to 8:21pm