August 25, 2007 Storm Statistics

Readings From Weather

First Measurable Rain Time: August 25, 2007 at 7:11am
Last Measurable Rain Time: August, 2007 at 8:05am
Storm Total: 0.08in.
Max Rain Rate: 1.40in/hr
Total Lightning: 58,194

The remnants of Hurricane Dean overspread much of the Southwest United States, resulting in numerous showers and thunderstorms, along with much cooler temperatures. The high temperature for the day was only 93.8°F, which was 11°F cooler then the high on August 24th.

Showers and thunderstorms moved through Gold Canyon and Apache Junction, during the morning hours, with the first 0.01in. of rainfall occurring at 7:11am. Moderate to light rain continued until around 8:05pm, leaving us with a storm total of 0.08in..

John, at 18th Street and Indian School, reported a morning rain total of 0.25in.. He also reported a lot of lightning and thunder. Robert, in western Gold Canyon, reported approximately 0.15in. of rainfall. Thank you for your rain reports! The above rain totals were reported to us by private individuals. The accuracy of these reports is unknown. If it rained at your location, let us know by clicking on the link at the top of the page titled "Public Rain/Weather Reports". Your report will be added to this page.

Below, are two Doppler Radar loops, an Infrared (IR) Satellite Image and a Water Vapor (WV) Satellite Image. Both the IR and WV Satellite images were taken on August 24th at 7:30pm, and show the very large area of thunderstorms that formed in Mexico, which later resulted in the morning rainfall at our location.

Storm Pictures Taken on August 25, 2007: (Click Pictures To Enlarge)

August 25, Radar Loop From 5:49am to 6:21am
August 25, Radar Loop From 6:39am to 7:12am

August 24, Water Vapor Satellite at 7:30pm

August 24, Infrared Satellite at 7:30pm