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Rain chances on the rise Tuesday night
Posted: Jan-09-2018

Showers and thunderstorms are likely this evening in Phoenix. How much rain will fall?
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Don't "Fall" for it, 100ยบ temps still possible...
Posted: Sep-23-2017

Threat of triple-digit temperatures not over just yet...
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Hurricane Harvey and Irma: will they be retired?
Posted: Sep-12-2017

How are hurricanes named and when are they retired
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Strong/severe winds possible later today
Posted: Sep-04-2017

A quick look at the monsoon set-up today across the Valley
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Nearly a half billion gallons of water fell from the sky!
Posted: Aug-04-2017

See just how quickly rain adds up!
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Drought conditions improving
Posted: Jul-29-2017

Latest drought numbers are in, and monsoon rain appears to be helping
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SUNDAY: Isolated to scattered storms this afternoon
Posted: Jul-16-2017

Flash flood watch in effect through Monday
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SATURDAY: Strong outflow winds likely
Posted: Jul-15-2017

Some isolated thunderstorms also possible this afternoon
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2017 Monsoon Starts!
Posted: Jul-11-2017

Using the old dew point rule, the 2017 Monsoon has started!
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July 11th: NW Mesa Station Data Error
Posted: Jul-11-2017

Rainfall data for July 11th has been updated
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Defining monsoon using the old method
Posted: Jul-10-2017

Has the monsoon started in Phoenix using the old dew point rule?
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SUNDAY: Dust storm chances on the increase
Posted: Jul-09-2017

Storms may develop in prime locations to produce dust storms
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SATURDAY: A more active day possible
Posted: Jul-08-2017

Very strong wind still the main threat for today
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FRIDAY: Monsoon talk
Posted: Jul-07-2017

Main concern today: strong outflow winds
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MONSOON: The pattern has now developed
Posted: Jul-05-2017

Weather forecast to become more active this weekend
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Monsoon pattern setting up!
Posted: Jul-04-2017

Thunderstorm chances forecast to increase across the state
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June 2017: 3rd warmest, tied driest in Phoenix
Posted: Jul-03-2017

Exactly how hot was the Valley of the Sun
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Big exciting changes!
Posted: Jun-23-2017

Exciting changes for owner Matt Pace
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Weather Lab: What is dew point?
Posted: Jun-23-2017

You hear about it all the time, but what is it?
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